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Honda specializes in building fun-to-drive cars for people with busy lifestyles, making them particularly well suited for people in Southern California. Of course, it’s not just new Hondas that fit the bill: Pre-owned Honda models happen to be some of the best used cars for sale in El Cajon and the Greater San Diego area. Just check them out for yourself at Legacy Cars, whether you prefer scrolling through our online showroom or visiting us in person. You’ll be treated to exceptional customer service either way while also enjoying our fair and transparent pricing plus quick pre-approvals for easy financing options — even if you have bad credit. It’s no wonder that we’ve become the market leader for used cars in El Cajon.


Purchasing a car or truck is a major expense that, for most people, is second only to buying a house in terms of financial outlays. One major difference: Older cars are almost always less expensive to buy than new ones, something that’s not often true for homes. That price advantage is a key reason why the used cars for sale in El Cajon continue to be in such high demand. And remember, the factor that lowers the cost of used cars — depreciation — can still have an impact on pre-owned vehicles that remain in excellent condition. As for how much of an impact depreciation can have, the typical new car can lose 20% in its very first year on the road and more than 60% after five years have passed.

Nor do your savings end there. Insurance coverage for pre-owned Hondas is usually less than for new ones as well, which can definitely add up as time goes by.

The team at Legacy Cars is also committed to meeting your needs with used cars you can count on. In fact, each vehicle we sell has to pass our rigorous safety and smog inspections before you ever get behind the wheel. We want to be your one-stop shop for all auto services, too, from routine oil changes to more serious repairs — all done by our trained experts.

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Different drivers have different priorities when it comes to cars and trucks. Some folks count safety as their No. 1 concern, others want the latest connectivity, and most people prefer premium comfort in their rides. Well, the used cars for sale in El Cajon can deliver all that and more, especially when you’re shopping for the Honda brand. This is one company that’s all about customer satisfaction. (Note that exact features can vary by model and year.)

  • Honda helps out owners with smart driver-assistance technologies such as adaptive cruise control, automatic braking, traffic-sign recognition, lane-keeping assistance, blind-spot monitors, and more.
  • Large touchscreens, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, WiFi compatibility, Bluetooth, satellite-linked full-color navigation, and wireless charging are only a few of the features that can make Honda cabins feel like mobile command posts.
  • The Honda family can make life easier for your family with thoughtful innovations like an in-cabin video monitor to keep an eye on back-seat passengers, a rear media system so kids can keep an eye on their favorite content, and even a built-in vacuum for quick clean-ups.
  • Enjoy rich leather heated/ventilated seating, large panoramic sunroofs, striking LED illumination, hands-free access, high-tech head-up displays, and other high-end cues in a select range of pre-owned Hondas.
  • You can find Honda’s high-efficiency dual-motor hybrid systems in many used models so you can take a greener approach to driving.


Legacy Cars has a hassle-free approach to finding used Hondas that fit your needs and budget. It starts with a quality selection of popular models in our showroom, including many of the brand’s best SUVs and trucks. But we’re also experienced vehicle-finders who can track down some of the most hard-to-locate used cars for sale in the El Cajon area. So put us to the test and find out how we’re building a true Legacy of success for our customers!

  • Honda SUVs including the HR-V, CR-V, CR-V Hybrid, Passport, and Pilot are nearly perfect for taking on wild weekend adventures and the daily grind alike. For that, you can thank their bold good looks, smart capability, and smarter technology.
  • The Honda Ridgeline has the kind of strength you expect from a truck plus handy features that you don’t — like a dual-action tailgate, a lockable in-bed trunk, and an audio speaker system built into the bed walls.
  • Choose from world-class compact sedans, coupes, and hatchbacks with the Honda Civic family that also caters to enthusiasts with high-performance Si and Type R models.
  • The Honda Accord comes in coupe, sedan, and hybrid setups that combine midsize dimensions, a premium ownership experience, and an award-winning reputation for reliability.
  • The nimble Honda Fit hatchback is well known for its feisty spirit and a flexible cabin with more cargo space than some small SUVs.
  • A first-class choice for families, the Honda Odyssey is impressively versatile and surprisingly stylish.
  • The Honda Insight and Clarity are engineered for efficiency with advanced hybrid powertrains and dedicated fuel-saving platforms.


The road to success was a long and winding one for the Honda Motor Company, which began life as an engine supplier to another major Japanese automaker: Toyota. In fact, Toyota would go on to buy Honda’s engine-building assets as the Japanese economy rebounded after World War II, with Soichiro Honda using the proceeds to set himself up as a motorcycle manufacturer in 1949. Honda’s success with motorbikes encouraged the company to create its first four-wheel vehicle, a mini pickup for business, in 1963.

The next decade saw Honda introduce two impressive nameplates that would become the cornerstones of the brand’s early automotive business. The Honda Civic debuted in 1972 just in time to meet the growing global interest in high-efficiency small cars, and the 1976 Honda Accord created a critically acclaimed 1-2 punch in the business. Indeed, Honda has sold more than 12 million Accords in the United States alone since the car first came to market. The U.S. bicentennial year also saw Honda open its first manufacturing plant in this country. Today, Honda helps keep drivers happy around the world!








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